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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mother Nature, You're Needed in the Principals Office...

Yes, hi Mother Nature. Thanks for coming down to see me today. Do you know why I've asked you to come to my office? No. Well see you're really starting to mess with people's heads. Yesterday was February 21st and I saw people in shorts and t-shirts. Heck, even I had to undo the top button on my collared shirt to let some air in. I know you are looking forward to spring time and spring break, sitting on those beaches drinking fruiting cocktails, relaxing in the sun soaking up the vitamin D. BUT, we want to ski... Don't get me wrong, everyone has been enjoying the soft snow, warm sun, and good times over the past couple of days, but it's still technically winter out there. It should feel and look like it. Okay. Let's make a compromise, bring back the cold temps and snow for just one more month - that's it, just one more month - and we'll forget this absurd warm up that you've put us through these past few days. Okay... Thanks Mother Nature. See, I told them you were reasonable.  

Yup, the warm up has gotten us wondering what's up. It's been a fun couple of days basking in the sun and skiing/riding on soft snow. Now that the temps are dropping back down to some level of normalcy we've got some work to do to get the surface back in shape. Ragged will be opening on time and with trails groomed into decent shape, Spear will be a delayed opening while the groomers finish up reworking the surface over there, and the Terrain Parks will be closed today for maintenance.

Coming up this weekend:

On Saturday, The Flying Goose Brewery and Angry Orchard will be hosting another Tap Takeover up in the Stone Hearth Bar. The Goose will be bringing along their brand new limited release, Citrus Soul Patch: a fruity take on their classic Rookie American-style Lager. If hops aren't really your style, Angry Orchard will be bringing along their brand new Rose to try. All the while, Chuck N' John will be crankin' out the tunes!

Also going on this weekend, we're excited to be hosting another demo day brought to you by the folks over at Sport Thoma. If you're in the market for new skis, this is a great opportunity to try before you buy. Join us this Sunday, February 25, right out in front of the Bricks.

We'll see you on the slopes!

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