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Thursday, September 29, 2016

We're Expanding the Lower Snowmaking Pond!

If you've been up to the mountain over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed a bunch of machinery and construction fencing going up across from the intersection of New Canada road and Ragged Mountain Road. We are happy to announce that we received our alteration of terrain permit this week and have immediately begun construction on a large scale project to increase our water storage capacity.  The machinery has started to rumble and large back loaders are currently digging into what will be the expansion of the snowmaking pond located on the old golf course.

Bucket Loader

"We’re very excited that this project has started”, shared Ryan Schramm, General Manager. “This expansion will add 20 million gallons to the current 4 million gallon pond allowing us to more readily open terrain in the early season, and help out Mother Nature when we need to.”  The new 24 million gallon pond will feed into the existing 10 million gallon pond at the base of the mountain.

Along with the expansion of the snowmaking pond we have installed several new pipes on key trails this summer, creating a more efficient system so our team can make snow on beginner terrain that is essential in the early season. We’re all still going to be doing our snow dance this year to appease Ullr and the other snow gods, but we also want to stack the odds in our favor, just in case our dance isn’t enough.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Getting Ready for Winter

The Leaves Are Changing and We're Getting Ready for Winter!

The view from our offices here at Ragged Mountain Resort has certainly gotten more colorful this past week. In only a matter of days the sea of green out our windows has begun to show hints of red, orange, and yellow. The mornings are crisp, and the afternoons couldn't be more beautiful. 

For many, fall marks the start of school and getting back into the normal rhythm of the day to day. But for us, this time of year is when we start kicking into full gear, making sure that updates to our facilities are done, and the areas of improvement needed are being addressed. For Al and his team on Mountain Ops this means making sure that our snowmaking system is as efficient as it can be.

Monday we received a shipment of 2000 feet of new snowmaking pipe to help improve the efficiency of our snowmaking on Chutes and Lower Chutes. This will allow our team to more readily make snow on an important easier trail during the early days of the season. For those of us who appreciate a good fall project, this has been one that our snowmaking team has been looking forward to for a while. Snowmaking is a tough job, so anything that can make the task easier and help deliver snow where you want it, when you want it, is much appreciated. We hope this winter you'll take a few turns down Chutes and think of our guys working hard this fall. 

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