Slope Report

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Current Slope Status
    Slopes Open:  53     Lifts Open:  5     Average Base: 24-36    
    Conditions: Machine Groomed / Packed Powder     New Snow:              

    Day Snowmaking Grooming
  Beginner Trails        
  circle_green Barnyard  check    check
  circle_green Beginner Basin  check    check
  circle_green Blueberry Patch  check    check
  circle_green Cardigan  check    check
  circle_green Lower Easy Winder  check    check
  circle_green Jughandle  check    check
  circle_green Main Street  check    check
  circle_green Raggedy Andy  check    check
  circle_green Sunnyside  check    check
  circle_green The Meadows  check    check
  circle_green Town Meeting  check    check
  circle_green Turnpike  check    check
  circle_green Upper Chute  check    check
  circle_green Lower Chute  check    check
  circle_green Village Green  check    check
  circle_green Home Run  check    check
  circle_green Wanna Be Wild  check    check
  Intermediate Trails       
  box blue Flying Yankee  check    check
  box blue Upper Ridge  check    check
  box blue Lower Exhibition  check       check
  box blue Lower Ridge  check      check
  box blue Newfound Ridge  check    check
  box blue Mikey's Run      
  box blue Pines  check        
  box blue Twister  check    
  box blue Upper Easy Winder  check      check
  box blue Showoff  check      check
  box blue Upper Exhibition  check      check
 box blue Wild Side  check    check
 box blue Wild Ride      
   Intermediate Glade Trails        
  box blue Exhibition Glades  check    
  box blue Raggae Glades  check    
  box blue Moose Alley  check    
   Advanced Trails         
  diamond_black Big Rock  check    
  diamond_black Birches  check      check
  diamond_black Cabin Fever  check      
  diamond_black Cemetery Gates  check    
  diamond_black Headwall  check    
  diamond_black Lower Crewcut       check      check
  diamond_black Upper Crewcut  check    check
  diamond_black Raggedy Ann      
  diamond_black Showboat  check    check
  diamond_black Sweepstakes  check    
  Advanced Glade Trails      
  diamond_black Devil's Den  check    
  diamond_black Gobbler's Knob  check    
  diamond_black Miss Behavin'  check    
  diamond_black Pel's Pass  check    
  diamond_black Rags To  check    
  diamond_black Riches  check    
  diamond_black Ridge Runner  check    
  diamond_black Ragged Edge  check    
  diamond_black Tree Hugger  check    
  diamond_black The Abyss  check    
  Expert Glade Trails      
 diamond_black_2 Karen's Dream           
 diamond_black_2 Not Too Shabby  check    
 diamond_black_2 Double Take  check    
 diamond_black_2 Triple Take  check    
  Terrain Parks      
 circle_green Wild Side  check    check
 circle_green Wild Ride      
 circle_green Wanna Be Wild  check    check
  Lifts     Operating Times
  Barnyard Triple  check    
  Six Pack Summit Express  check    
  Spear Mountain Quad  check    
  Wanna Be Wild Carpet  check    
  Meadows Carpet  check    


circle_green Easiest   box_blue More Difficult   diamond_black Most Difficult   diamond_black_2 Experts Only  

This report is a reflection of the most up to date information; please understand that conditions may vary due to weather and skier/snowboarder traffic. Trails may close or open without prior notice due to many different reasons. This report is updated every morning and more frequently as changes on the mountain dictate. Be aware of changing conditions. Trails marked as 'groomed' mean they have been groomed within the past 12 hours. If a trail is marked as 'snowmaking,' this means that snowmaking is either currently taking place, or has taken place over the past 12 hours.

Some trails, including some glades and outer trails close at 3:30 pm, every day. Those trails are marked as such at the top of the trail.


Trail Map